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Converting CMYK to RGB (and vice versa) in Illustrator CS2

Posted on: 02/09/2009

by Adam Messinger

I do most of my graphics work in Photoshop or Fireworks. Every so often, a client sends me an Illustrator or EPS file—usually a logo—that uses CMYK color. I’ve always managed to convert these to RGB color for the web… eventually, but the options to do so aren’t that obvious and I always forget them afterward.

While struggling with this same thing again tonight, I came across a simple three-step process for the conversion. You can also use these steps to convert an illustration from RGB color to CMYK. (…)

  1. Go to File » Document Color Mode and check RGB.
  2. Select everything in the document and go to Filter » Color » Convert to RGB. [CS4: Edit » Edit Colors » Convert to RGB or Convert to CMYK]
  3. Open the Color palette menu (use the little black arrow on the top right corner) and select RGB.

Source: http://www.zenscope.com/blog/58/illustrator-cs2-color-conversion


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